Product Category:

    Please submit professional images (individually) of your products via email to

    These must reach us with your completed Exhibitor Registration.


    If you are a first time Christmas in the Home Exhibitor and your product offering falls within the DELI & DRINKS category, (also applicable to rusks, preserves, dried fruit, spices) you are required to present us with a Certificate of Acceptability as well as a Hawker’s Licence issued by the Department of Health.

    Copies of approved documents are required by end September.

    For the Certificate of Acceptability (COA), we require the updated Form R638 which replaced Form 962. COA’s issued before 2018, will not be accepted. Please contact Elsje if you need to renew your expired (issued before 2018) COA, so that we can provide you with all the paperwork etc.

    A Hawker’s Licence does not expire. It remains valid unless there has been a change of ownership. Exhibitors who were involved in 2022, don’t need to re-submit. Only in case of change of ownership of business.


    The allocation of stands will be at the discretion of the organisers and the decision will not be negotiable.

    Please indicate whether you are booking an individual stand to man yourself for the duration of the event,
    Whether you would like to book space in the communal / consignment area.

    Individual Stand

    Please indicate how many of the selected stand sizes you would require
    Individual Corner 3m x 3m - R3000
    Individual Standard 3m x 3m - R2700
    Individual Corner 3m (wide) x 2m (deep) - R2200
    Individual Standard 3m (wide) x 2m (deep) - R1900
    Individual Standard 2m x 2m (fits 1 table only) - R1500

    Cancellation fees: see notes on cancellation fees below under banking details

    If you are booking space in the communal / consignment area, the following charges apply:
    • R800 per table.
    • 22% commission on items sold if you do not man your stand, OR
    • 18% commission on items sold if you man your stand the whole day, every day.
    • R25 per 100 bar code tables that we generate and print for you.
    • R100 if we need to courier your bar code labels to you. This applies to vendors who cannot collect from Port Elizabeth.
    • R300 for unpacking service. This will apply if you are not able to unpack and set-up yourself.
    • R300 for packing up service. This will apply if you are not able to unpack and set-up yourself.
    • You are responsible for delivery and collection of stock to and from PE.
    • You are responsible for pricing every item and sending us a full stock list.

    Consignment Area

    Please select and / or complete the fields below if consignment area is required:

    No of consignment tables required (trestle table size) (R800 per table)

    Choose between 22% or 18% commission options

    Do you need us to unpack your stock (R300)

    Do we need to pack up your stock (R300)

    Do you require a 15 Ampere electrical point charged @ R300 in addition to your stall fee:

    If you have requested an electrical point, please list every electrical item as well as its power rating:
    If the electrical power drawn exceeds what was stipulated, above, your stall will have to be shut down for safety reasons

    Cancellation fees: see notes on cancellation fees below under banking details

    Next step in the process

    You will receive an email from the organisers confirming your booking as well as the amount due.
    The total outstanding amount is due within two week of receiving this confirmation email. If payment is not received within two week, the chosen stand will be released and allocated to another approved exhibitor.

    Payment should be made to
    FNB, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth
    Account Name: E Smuts
    Account Number: 56290016109
    Branch Number: 261050
    Please use your name and surname as reference.

    Only EFT payments. NO CASH DEPOSITS please. Should you wish to pay for your stand(s) in cash, please contact the organiser..

    The following fees apply on cancellation once you have booked your space and paid for it:
    • Cancellation within 2 months of the event: 60% of fee will be charged to you
    • Cancellation within 6 weeks of the event: 80% of fee will be charged to you
    • Cancellation within 4 weeks of the event: 100% of fee will be charged to you